First A Single, Then The New Album “30”: “British Icon” Adele Reappears

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  • She is one of the most successful British artists in history, but for a long time hardly anything has been heard from Adele.
  • Now the singer is back.
  • Her new album “30”, which has been expected for years, will be released on November 19th.

London. “Hello”, Adele is back!

Now the 33-year-old can be sure that the echo of her appearance is all the greater. The first single and soon the first album since her mega hit “25” in 2015, the first interview in five years: The Briton herself specifies when, how and where she presents herself to the public. This Friday (October 15th) the single “Easy On Me” was released, the corresponding album “30” will be released on November 19th. A second-long video excerpt with first impressions reached well over 17 million views on Instagram within a few days, and the magazine “Vogue” dedicated the cover story to it.

The impression that sticks: Adele tries the balancing act. She still wants to be the British girl next door. She speaks in an audible London Cockney dialect, likes to leave out the “h” in the appeal – “’ow are you?”, She greets the “Vogue” reporter – and curses openly, apparently she particularly likes to use the “F-word “. At the same time, she rushes through the life of an A celebrity. Get out of the limousine, the exhibition opens only for you, then take a quick step through secret corridors and hotel kitchens, only in the screened back room can you relax. Almost invisible helpers on the way, sometimes handing out a fresh pair of shoes, sometimes making sure that the desired drink is ready.

“Easy On Me” is the first song that Adele wrote himself

So who is Adele Laurie Blue Adkins, as the singer’s real name, well over 100 million records sold, Oscar and multiple Grammy winner? A child, married, divorced, in a new relationship. With her new album she wants to at least bring her view of things closer, as she tells “Vogue”. “I have the feeling that this album is self-destruction, then self-reflection and then a kind of self-redemption,” says the singer. She plays four songs from the new album to the reporter, which is expected to be called “30”. Fans and trade journalists agreed that the number was recently beamed at well-known sights around the world, and that the presentation points to Adele.

So far, only a few seconds from “Easy On Me” are publicly known, while Adele’s emotional voice can be heard to the sounds of the piano. It is not a divorce album, emphasizes the singer, who separated from husband Simon Konecki shortly after the wedding in 2019. Above all, she wants to leave something to their son Angelo (9): “Over time, the album has become an opportunity to explain things to him – something that he can listen to when he’s older.”

“Easy On Me” was the first song she wrote. It was 2018 when she was 30 – hence the album title. “When I was 30, my life fell apart without warning.” She remembered the beginning of the song in the shower, while singing. After that she didn’t write anything for half a year because she had the feeling: “Oh yes, I’ve said everything.”

“It didn’t feel right anymore”

Eheaus: “We got married when I was 30 – and then I left,” says Adele. Marriage in 2018, separation in 2019. “It didn’t feel right anymore.” Nothing bad had happened. But: “I didn’t want to end up like many people I know. I was not unhappy, unhappy, but I would have been unhappy if I hadn’t put myself first. ”She gets along brilliantly with her ex, they would do anything for each other, stresses Adele.

New love: Sports agent Richard Paul, he advises well-known figures such as basketball superstar LeBron James. The couple recently watched a game, it was their first publicly known appearance. Other men she dated found dating her too stressful. But Rich is different. “He is great. He’s so damn funny. He’s so smart, ”enthuses Adele.

Your appearance: Adele has lost weight and is significantly slimmer than before. On the “Vogue” cover, she presents herself glamorous and emphatically feminine. She always emphasized that she did not want to be a model. There is a lot of work behind it. “It was because of my fear,” “I just feel better when I train. It was never about losing weight, it was always about getting strong and devoting as much time as possible to myself every day without a cell phone. ”Now she is“ addicted ”and trains two or three times a day.

The album: Actually, it was planned much earlier. In February 2020 she was filmed announcing the work for September at a friend’s wedding. “I was completely drunk,” says Adele with a laugh. Finally, Corona also slowed down work. Now “Vogue” reporter Giles Hattersley is one of the first to describe the new songs. He reports on a professional development, musically the range of the new album is more varied than before – from the singer-songwriter to the “midnight chanteuse” to the chilled out Balearic club at sunset.

Who Adele is now remains open, despite many quotations, despite the hours of closeness that she allows “Vogue” to do. “Newborn” is the “British icon,” writes the magazine. The conclusion is just as ambivalent as the singer herself: “It’s an art to be Adele.”

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