Afrojack Is Officially Engaged To Elettra Lamborghini

afrojack elettra lamborghini

In November 2018, superstar DJ Afrojack was seen along with Italian songwriter Elettra Lamborghini, making news for the first time.

Fast forward to the Christmas of 2019, Afrojack has taken a step forward and proposed to Lamborghini officially! Of course, he got accepted :D

Elretta has lauded Afrojack on her Instagram post and said she’s finally found the right man! Afrojack has been taking care of his daughter Vegas, born to his ex-girlfriend Amanda Balk.

Afrojack is officially now part of the Lamborghini family as Elretta is the granddaughter of the brands founder Ferruccio Lamborghini.

We’re happy for you Nick!

Pavan Kumar


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