ALDA & Insomniac Launch Bucharest’s First Major Music Festival, ‘SAGA’

saga music festival bucharest

A brand new dance music experience will make its way to Romania this summer, as SAGA prepares to launch in Bucharest.

Taking place between 5-7 June, the innovative festival is the brainchild of both ALDA & Insomniac, who partnered last year, and will follow in the footsteps of both brand’s previous successes, such as the iconic AMF in Amsterdam and the world’s largest dance music festival, EDC in Las Vegas. Marking a new beginning for the Eastern European festival scene, SAGA represents a landmark moment for the people of Bucharest, serving as the city’s first-ever major music festival of such impressive scale. With more than 150 artists of various genres performing across 5 stages at the 3-day event, SAGA promises to provide something for every taste, with the worldwide ticket sale set to take place this Friday, 6 December.

SAGA looks set to revolutionize the festival industry with an immersive storytelling experience. With exciting visual spectacles set to take place, visitors will be truly blown away by the scale of this pioneering event. All will become clear over the coming months, as the secrets of the SAGA are unveiled. Playing host to over 350 shows and more than 30 brands for millions of visitors worldwide, ALDA’s latest venture alongside Insomniac is sure to make a huge impact in Romania with their brand new venture, and as the SAGA begins, party-goers from all over the globe are sure to jet in for the inaugural edition of the annual musical celebration. Whilst plenty of details are still yet to be revealed, SAGA is anticipated to explode into life as one of the biggest festivals in the world during 2020.

With a very limited amount of loyalty 3-day passes starting this Friday at a special offer of just €21 (99 RON) as a welcome gift, pre-registration is open with fans able to gain early access via this link. With the worldwide ticket sale set to start on Friday 6 December, are you ready to experience the beginning of the SAGA?


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