Alesso And Martin Garrix Take To Social Media On Day 1 Of Ultra To Tease “Something Is On The Way”

alesso and martin garrix something is on the way

Yesterday marked the first day of the kickoff to the summer festival season with Ultra Music Festival kicking off in Miami.

Ultra has historically been the place where the who’s who of the music industry test drives new music and drop all sorts of collaborations, projects, and surprises to say the least.

While an Alesso and Martin Garrix collaboration has been hyped to be in the works for a while now, it seems like the time might be here and we may just see them drop it at Ultra at some point this weekend!

Sharing a short teaser of the two in the studio together just hours ago with a caption saying “Something is on the way” they seem to have all their fans thinking this might be it, the long awaited collaboration could finally be here, if nothing even more than that.

Just a day ago, Alesso also shared a video captioned “It all starts at Ultra…any guesses?” hinting that something major would be revealed this weekend. Whether that a new album, a new collaborative project or the highly anticipated Martin Garrix collaboration

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