Amazon Working On Innovative Radio App That Allows Hosts To DJ Their Own Radio Show To Rival Clubhouse

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Rumored to be called ‘Project Mic’ Amazon’s Clubhouse rival app seems to be shaping up.

As per a report by The Verge based off of a presentation they got to view, the new app, codenamed Project Mic, is supposed to give anyone the ability to make and distribute a live radio show, complete with music, with a big goal to democratize and reinvent the radio.

While the app will be focussing its efforts in the US initially, listeners will be able to tune in through the app, as well as through Audible, Amazon Music, Twitch, and Alexa-equipped devices.

Explaining how the users will access music content on the app, they explained that anyone will be able to pull from Amazon’s music catalog to arrange their program. However to initially help popularize the platform, for launch, the company is planning to recruit celebrity talent along with smaller tastemakers to help launch and populate content into the app.

Amazon has not officially commented on or revealed any details about the app or the project that is in the works yet. But sources have found that although the app is highly music-focused, programming will also cover the areas of pop culture, comedy, and sports.

While Clubhouse was a live audio app, due to the constraints of it lacking the rights to stream copyright-protected music it was more about live audio but as social media as compared to project mic which is looking to place the focus on the live music space.

As reported by Dancing Astronaut another cool aspect to Project Mic is its focus on promoting localized businesses and entrepreneurs. Reportedly, the app aims to incorporate regional advertisements in its users’ radio programs, opening an opportunistic door for localized businesses and entrepreneurs

There has been no official announcement or any confirmed details about the app announced by Amazon yet. However we do hear that upon release the innovative radio app will first be available exclusively in the United States.

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