Apple denies rumours about iTunes termination


Reports have been surfacing these past days stating that Apple will be phasing out iTunes music downloads by next year. This according to a company spokesperson is NOT TRUE.

DJMag reported that sources inside Apple would be stopping music downloads entirely next year. Though we now know that Apple has firmly denied that it is scrapping or altering iTunes. Speaking to The Sun, a company spokesperson said “it’s not true” regarding rumours that the tech giant was looking to scrap music downloads because of the popularity of its Apple Music streaming service and rivalry with platforms like Spotify.

This isn’t the first time such news regarding the platform have surfaced. Back in 2016, we had similar rumours that stated iTunes would be gone by 2018. For now, all we can say is that it’s not true. Apple Music has been growing year on year with a 36 million user-base globally (that compared to Spotify’s 70 million), and it can be plausible that buying/downloading music isn’t the future for iTunes. Though we believe there’s still some time before we see a complete phase out of iTunes or the iTunes store for that matter.

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