Apple Likely to Pull The Trigger on iTunes

apple shut down itunes

We all saw it coming, but the rumours are only solidifying over time.

It will likely be the end of an era, as it is speculated that Apple will pull the trigger and shut down iTunes during the coming Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC), taking place in San Jose, California from next Monday – Friday.

While rumours have been afloat for a while now, a solid move was when recently Apple wiped clean the iTunes social media and simply put a link guiding users to the Apple TV socials instead. Close to 20 years after the game-changing iTunes was introduced to the world at a similar conference, Apple may just use WWDC to announces not just its end, but its predecessors.

Very predominantly music streaming has taken over the markets outright over the purchase model, which iTunes thrived on. Apple themselves have seen this drastic rise with Apple Music’s 28 million plus paid subscribers. It was about time for a welcome change and the strategy the company seems to be moving towards is having dedicated applications for Music, TV, Podcasts, Books, etc. They also are in the work with rolling out these apps to the MacOS in addition to tweaking the existing ones on the iPhones and iPads.

As reported by Bloomberg,according to people familiar with the plans, the highlights of this years WWDC are set to be the changes Apple is planning to make towards their new generation of devices and software: Apple Watches that are more independent from iPhones, iPads with software that reduces the need for a laptop, apps that run on any Apple device, and growth areas such as augmented reality and personal health-care management.

Since it first started and ever since, iTunes had become the one-stop solution for Apple users to listen to music, watch movies and TV shows, listen to podcasts, and manage their devices for almost two decades. While over the last few years it did seem to become outdated and redundant, it will surely leave a void once it’s completely phased out. Once iTunes is gone, customers will apparently be able to manage their Apple gadgets through the Music app.

Love it or hate it, iTunes revolutionised how we consumed music digitally and helped battle piracy like none other. RIP old friend.

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  1. iTunes is the most important part of iOS. iOS is very much user-friendly and it provides best quality audio files. Now the best alternative of iTunes is Apple Podcast. You have shared all the ideas very nicely here. Hope you will share more useful ideas in the future.


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