Apple Music For Artists Launched; Rivals Spotify’s Analytical Tools

apple music for artists

Spotify and Apple’s ways of taking music to the world and ensuring a far and wide reach for artists is quite commendable.

One after the other, the platforms have constantly provided something to exciting for both creators and users. Here’s another such development.

Apple Music For Artists was launched in its Beta version on the 8th of August – this will compete with Spotify’s analytics tools to help artists curate their content better and understand their fans.

Available with a desktop and iOS app, the app allows artists to monitor the streams, album/song sales and offers daily updates. It also allows artists to drill down to how specific songs are performing in particular cities as it has more than 100 countries to show you data from.

Artists can also monitor how many plays of a particular song in a given period have been generated by playlists, as opposed to ‘organic’ plays from fans – and what position their track has been placed within these lists. And they can also see how many of their streams are the result of algorithmic radio (i.e. ‘lean-back’) versus active plays.

Artists can also monitor performance on a week-to-week basis and are notified of special factors like a sudden spike in streams or when the track gets added to a major playlist.

Apple’s royalty payouts have certainly been higher as compared to Spotify. Whether the tool will be any more useful to artists is something we need to wait and see. The signs, however, look positive.

Access it, here.

Pavan Kumar


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