Arkansas Hosted The First Indoor Socially Distanced Concert and Here’s What It Looked Like

socially distanced concerts arkansas

In the midst of this Pandemic as countries, states and cities, slowly and steadily begin to chart their plans for reopening their economies and moving out of lockdown, concerts, and large gatherings still seem like a fantasy.

In comes Arkansas, the city hosted the first indoor socially distanced concert in the United States a few days ago on May 18, 2020. The TempleLive venue which has a capacity to host 1100 attendees at a given time was permitted to host by reducing their capacity by 80% allowing for 229 seats.

Travis McCready, the frontman of country-rock band Bishop Gunn, Lauren Brown, Jody Stallone, and Robbie Helton took to the stage during this event.

All those in attendance were temperature checked at the door, had to be wearing masks or facial coverings at all times, and were even limited as to how many people could use the bathrooms at a time which was limited to 10. All beverages at the venue were packaged or had to have lids and employees will be actively wiping down touchpoints in the venue and restrooms. Per the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention guidelines, fans will be directed by venue staff through one-way walkways to maintain socially distancing throughout the event.

The audience was seated socially-distanced and had been assigned seats at least six feet apart per grouping in what Ticketmaster called “fan pods.” Tickets could only be purchased in these pods of two to 12 seats to avoid mingling amongst groups that have not been social distancing together.

While this felt eerie and the images made us feel all sorts of ways, these are uncertain times, and they call for innovative and ‘different’ approaches as things begin to reopen, so if this will be the new normal? Who knows, we’ll just have to wait and watch.

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