Incredible moment Armin celebrated Remy van Buuren’s birthday at Tomorrowland 2018


Armin van Buuren is our favourite not just for his soulful music, not just his ability to connect to his fans deeply, but also the fact that he adds an emotive touch with every performance that he exhibits. He now has won our hearts by dedicating a track to his 5-year-old son Remy van Buuren on the ‘A State Of Trance’ stage at Tomorrowland 2018! Which track was it? Of course, the legendary ‘Intense’! And to make it more special, it came 5 years after he announced the birth of his son – Remy, at Tomorrowland 2013.

You could see the love and excitement in his eyes as he says “You know my son turns 5 years today. Remember 5 years ago? So I went home today and we went out for pancakes. He said, “Daddy do you really have to go?” I said “Yeah I have to play A State of Trance at Tomorrowland, but I’ll be live on TV’, So he’s watching us right now! Remy, can you hear me? Let me see those hands up for my son, come on! This one is for him”

Catch a glimpse of this special moment as he shared it on Instagram.

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Pavan Kumar


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