Armin Van Buuren Releases 10-Minute Guided Meditation And Mindfulness Routine

armin van buuren meditaion routine

Armin van Buuren, the five-time #1 DJ in the world, took to the mindfulness App Insight Timer to share his path to finding mindfulness and how it’s become a positive pillar of his busy life.

The 10-minute guided meditation and mindfulness routine features a self-produced soundscape and van Buuren’s meditation tips.

Sharing the reason behind why he decided to do this he shared, “I wanted to share this with my fans, so I recorded this meditation for others to practice too so that they, as well, may find balance.”

He went on to further explain how he got into meditating a few years ago saying, “Meditation, for me, is a moment for myself, and a way for me to deal with the cloud in my head. Every day, I check in with myself. If I listen to my breath and just focus on my breathing, immediately my mind starts to wander. Now I understand that’s ok and just let the thoughts be. I make a note in my head and bring my focus back on my breathing. That’s always my anchor.”

Sharing how ‘life’ happens, he said, “The moment we wake up, life wants our attention, and that’s ok. Life is beautiful, when it’s in balance. Sometimes your busy life takes your focus off the most important thing—you.”

You can listen to the complete 10:40 min guided meditation session with Armin van Buuren here.

H/T – DJ Mag

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