Artist plays an unreleased rip of deadmau5 track at Tomorrowland Brasil


An artist actually played a YouTube rip of deadmau5′ unreleased track at Tomorrowland Brasil and the mau5 was not amused.

Brazilian DJ, ALOK may have made one of the most severe mistakes a DJ can make. Not only did he play an unreleased deadmau5 track without the DJs consent, he played a low quality YouTube rip of the track at Tomorrowland Brasil! ALOK played a rip of deadmau5’s “’Imaginary Friends’ at the main stage of Tomorrowland Brasil. It couldn’t have been anything other than a rip, considering the track has not been officially released nor did deadmau5 send a demo around for producers to use.
Yep, you guessed it, the mau5 was pissed…

Here’s a video to prove of the incident which starts around the 32:10 mark (though the key has been toned down to avoid a copyright removal).

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