Belgium Lifts Restrictions On Large Gatherings And Live Events

belgium covid restrictions

Another country is making moves in a positive direction with the slowly declining number of Covid-19 cases.

Belgium just announced they will be moving from Code Orange, down to Code Yellow of their pandemic response plan.

Under this code level, the biggest relief comes to large gatherings and live events which will be allowed to return in full swing, and restrictions brought by the Covid Safe Ticket are no longer in effect.

The Covid Safe Ticket which was brought in to play for a managed reopening last summer was required for all indoor events of over 50 attendees and all outdoor events with over 100 attendees. This involved attendees having to show proof of vaccination and a negative test or proof of recovery from a recent infection.

In addition to the dropping of the Covid Safe ticket, venues will also regain the option to utilize their full capacity with no more restrictions on limited capacities, distancing requirements, etc. While by the law it will no longer be mandatory to wear a face mask in public spaces, Prime Minister Alexander De Croo has warned in a press conference that the use of the mask is still advised in situations where it is not possible to maintain a safe distance.

While this welcome news comes as a positive sign, the long-awaited return of the famed Tomorrowland and its first-ever three-weekend edition is only looking better and better as it gets closer.

While Belgium has already made the move to tone down and practically eliminate the restrictions, England, Sweden, the Netherlands, and Switzerland among others have also announced plans to lift the restrictions still in place.

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