Bose Frames Integrate Sunglasses With Headphones


Headphones with nothing in or on your ear, how does that sound?

Bose, the innovators of high-quality sound solutions have come up with just that. The Bose Frames have a pair of minute speakers on the side of what comes across as a pair of regular sunglasses, which not only allow you to hear music but also take calls with the integrated microphone.

In two sizes and styles, the smaller Bose Frames Rondo and the slightly larger Bose Frames Alto are available at $199.95. The minimalistic design features black nylon frames with stainless steel accent buttons coated in gold. The perfectly positioned Bose miniature speakers allow for maximum listening pleasure to the wearer all with a minimal leak to others.

Bose Frames Alto

bose frames rondo

The frames pair seamlessly with the Bose Connect app which provides easy access to everything the product has to offer. It also allows access to unlock Bose AR (currently only on iOS devices), first-of-its-kind audio augmented reality platform, combining the power of next-gen Bose audio products with innovative mobile apps. There are also Motion sensors embedded inside the frames which detect things like the user’orientation and body movement to help guide the sound flow and based on the location from the GPS on your phone, you can use audio for directions and maps too.

There are also additional changeable lenses which can be bought as add on accessories and changed pretty easily. They are also working on being able to fit in prescription glasses.

The only pertinent issue is unlike other headphones which block out the external sounds, these fail to do so, but are still reasonably good for what they do and a fantastic concept. Would you be down to grab them? Full details are available on the Bose website here.

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