BREAKING: Jillionaire Splits From Major Lazer; Replaced By Ape Drums

major lazer jillionaire

You can certainly say history is repeating itself as Major Lazer’s composition changes once again!

Yes, Jillionaire has now parted ways with the super-group that he was a part of for so long. Jillionaire will now be replaced by the group’s long-time collaborator Ape Drums.

This is the second time that the group has seen changes since its inception in 2008 when Diplo teamed up with Switch. Later on, Switch split from the group while Walshy Fire and Jillionaire became the new members.

The announcement comes after the recent announcement of the group’s new album “Lazerism”, which came out with a tag of “a new era of lazer” – were they referring to this massive change in their group? Looks like it.

Major Lazer has provided some absolutely fantastic tracks and their live shows are hugely sought out! We hope the same continues in the future too, with the addition of a new member in Ape Drums. We also wish Jillionaire a successful solo career!

ape drums major lazer
Ape Drums

What do you think of this new set-up? Let us know below!

Pavan Kumar


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