Carl Cox Shuts Music During His Set To Put An End To A Dance-Floor Brawl

carl cox athens

Carl cox shuts the music down mid-set during a gig in Athens to put an end to a dance-floor brawl.

The legendary techno tastemaker/DJ/producer encountered a brawl break out amidst his crowd for the night at the techniques festival in the city of Athens. The festival took place in the famed Gazi music hall on 21st September.

On a video filmed by the crowd in Gazi, we can hear the icon saying “Stop this shit, it’s too fucking good in here right now for this aggression” and goes on to mention that he will continue to play only when the fight stops.

After a brief pause, the techno titan continues to say that he’s “too happy to see that shit”, following it up by expressing his willingness to return to the venue next year too “because it was that good”, seeing that the commotion is still on, carl cox ends it by saying “somebody throw the motherfuckers out, please, throw them out”. The outcome of this situation remains unclear.

The video from the festival can be viewed below.

Amidst the kerfuffle, the night proceeded out to be a perfect rave leaving everyone happy.

Anyone who has watched the movie “human traffic” can point out the uncanny resemblance between carl cox’s approach towards the brawl and Pablo Hassan, a club owner, who is played by a young carl cox himself.

Mmkrishna Cherla


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