Carl Cox tops Alternative Top 100 DJs list revealed by DJ Mag and Beatport

Alternative Top 100 DJs list

In an Alternative Top 100 DJs list that’s one of its kind, released by DJ Mag and powered by Beatport, the King of techno, Carl Cox, grabs the number 1 spot!

The Alternative Top 100 DJs list which was just released by DJ Mag on the 28th of November, is a first of its kind as it combines the voting from DJ Mag fans and the sales data from Beatport.

With the dominance of EDM pushing house and techno scenes to the side track, it was time to bring back the glory of these genres and to remind modern music fans as to who the real bosses of the scene are. This list does just that!

To check the complete list, click here.

The British house and techno producer is one name that you’d have come across among any list of Best DJs. One of the pioneers in the EDM space, he was the only DJ known to utilize three-deck mixing in his early days. Having performed across clubs like the Eclipse, Shelley’s Laserdome, Heaven, he went on to be called one of the best “celebrity DJs” in the world. Most well known for his Carl Cox &
Friends concept which took off in 2004, it has been featured at major festivals across the world.

Another important aspect of his career is that one can’t talk about Space Ibiza and Carl Cox separately. The famous producer is the one who brought home the huge reputation for the iconic Space Ibiza in Spain. Having held the residency at the venue for a very long time, he played there last in the year 2016. The long-term resident of this club, that was shut down recently, is now making mammoth efforts to re-open the iconic club!

Magical hits like I Want You, Family Guy, Dr.Funk, Phuture 2000 and many more are tracks that will be remembered forever. It was also speculated that he would retire in 2017 but the producer made appearances at the BPM Festival, Ultra Music Festival and many more. He, however, ended the 16-year-long Cox’s Global radio podcast in February 2017.

With time, he has risen to the ranks of being one of the best musicians of all time and this honor from DJ Mag shows that! Which is your all-time favorite Carl Cox track? Comment below.

Pavan Kumar


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