Cassius’ Philippe Zdar Dies In Accidental Fall From A Building In Paris

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It’s absolutely shocking and disheartening to hear of another death in the dance music industry.

French producer, “Philippe Zdar” who is one half of the duo – Cassius, has breathed his last in Paris on Wednesday, due to an accidental fall from a building.

The 52-year-old artist was extremely high in demand, in the 90s after Cassius produced tracks for the French rapper MC Solaar. Alongside acts like Daft Punk and Air, Cassius was a new light in the 90s. Their debut single, Cassius 1999, which featured a chopped-up sample of Donna Summer’s “If It Hurts Just a Little”, reached number seven in the UK charts.

Soaring in popularity after producing for Phoenix’s “United” album, Zdar made a strong mark in the industry. The success of this landed him opportunities to work with his personal idols like Beastie Boys and Cat Power.

People from across the global music community are expressing their grief for the loss of an artist who was a legend in his own right!

We certainly miss him and wish a whole lot of strength to his fans, family, and friends.

Pavan Kumar

Content Writer | House Music News & Editorials at T.H.E - Music Essentials
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Pavan Kumar

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