Cause of Death for i_o Ruled As Being Due to Natural Causes

i_o cause of death

Back in November 2020, the news of 30-year old electronic music producer i_o’s (Garrett Lockhart) tragic passing away was shared on social media.

While the cause of death was unknown for all these months, it has now been revealed to be late stage Hashimoto’s thyroiditis.

In an official statement from the Lockhart family, they confirmed the coroner’s office’s report, noting that he suffered from late stage Hashimoto’s thyroiditis which is an unusual condition in young males and if undiagnosed can have severe and sometimes fatal consequences. And in his case, he “had a sudden and fatal arrhythmia.”

It went on to read, “After 5 months of testing, the conclusion is that, while Garrett did suffer from depression and anxiety, he did not take his own life. It is our hope that Garrett’s premature death can be used to create and normalize conversations surrounding mental health issues, realizing there may be underlying disease of conditions requiring medical attention.”

While this remains to be the last post on his social media currently, the industry which rallied up their support for him after his passing is showing their appreciation for him once again with comments from GTA, Pasquale Rotella and more.

Here were some of the initial reactions from his friends and collaborators in the industry.

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