Cristian Varela Presents VARELIVE – New Concept of Techno


Having dropped his latest full length album earlier this year Cristian is returning with his brand new live show concept, VARELIVE.


VARELIVE is not a typical live electronic music perfromance, is a REAL LIVE experience. Nothing is predetermined, everything develops in real time, getting unpredictable, creative and surprising result. The large set-up is based on next generation instruments: Roland Aira TR8, Aira MX1 Roland, Roland MC505, Ableton Push and Cyclone TT303. Beside these sit two double-sided transparent screens, one on each side of the set, allowing the audience to see how Cristian Varela puts together his sonic experiments. The show is completed with extraordinary video, production and lighting that takes you from a singular experience to one that has never been seen before.

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