A Set Of The Daft Punk Helmets Could Soon Become Lego Collectibles

daft punk helmets lego collectibles

The legendary Daft Punk helmets are making a return, and before you get too excited, we mean potentially in the form of LEGO collectibles.

LEGO Ideas is a website that allows for submissions from the public to upload ideas to be considered for the next mass-produced LEGO collectible. And in January 2021, a creator named Eliot O’Brien submitted a model idea of the signature Daft Punk helmets into consideration. Once uploaded on the platform the ideas are open to votes and must have a minimum of 10,000 supporters backing it in order for the team to even take them into consideration.

Sharing how difficult it was to perfect the intricacies of the perfect representation of the helmets, O’Brien said “The mainly-curved shapes were a great challenge to figure out with Lego bricks, especially with Guy-Manuel’s helmet, though the windscreen from the UCS Slave-I proved to be an invaluable asset…though the builds use a lot of chrome pieces, they could be substituted for the more common flat silver and pearl gold colors without compromising too much on the overall look.

He went on to share the inspiration behind his submission saying “The submission of this idea commemorates the band itself as well as the designs of both helmets, including brick-built versions of both Thomas’ silver and Guy-Manuel’s gold casques. The helmets are laid on stands, and would make for great display pieces!”

He summed up his submission by sharing, “I am a huge fan of Daft Punk’s music and would personally love to see an idea like this become an official set. If you also enjoy listening to the band, music in general, or would just like the helmets as a display piece, please consider supporting the project!”

The idea is around 5600 support votes, under 50% shy of the 10,000 needed in the next 385 days for it to move forward. You can support the idea here to see this idea be considered to become a reality!

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