Daft Punk Resurfaced On The 1-Year Anniversary Of Their Break Up With Rare Livestream And 25th Anniversary Edition Of Homework

daft punk homework

On this Tuesday (22/2/2022), one of the most iconic two of all time in Electronic Music, Daft Punk, decided to bless their fans absolutely out of the blue in their true style.

On the one-year anniversary, since they announced their shocking split, Daft Punk decided to make a return to social media.

In cryptic signs across the afternoon, from a cover picture update on Facebook to a post with the artwork of their debut album Homework and no information on Instagram, all continued signs lead to a rare and potentially one-off Livestream.

The eventual Livestream hosted on a newly launched but immediately verified Twitch channel simply listed as the “Official Twitch Channel of Daft Punk.” The livestream was from when the duo performed in the Mayan Theatre, Los Angeles on their very first concert tour “Daftendirektour” and was from a time when the duo still went helmet-less. The event was from just before the duo launched their debut album, Homework, and back in 1997.

While the posts lead to high contemplations and wishful thinking about a reunion tour, The eventual news where they announced a 25th Anniversary edition of this very debut album is now available, all added up. The 31 song anniversary edition is now available to stream across streaming platforms but the landing page also has a Newsletter sign-up link, as well as a link to pre-order a Vinyl.

Find all of that and more here.

While you can listen to the album and included exclusive remixes, unfortunately from the looks of it the Livestream was a one-off and hasn’t been uploaded anywhere for those who missed it!

H/T – EDM.com

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