Daft Punk To Work On New Film Score With Dario Argento

daft punk dario argento film score

The French duo will be teaming up with Dario Argento to make their new film score.

Argento is best known for his works in the genres of Horror and mystery fiction. The Italian movie pioneer told La Republica that the music-making androids reached out to him to express their appreciation towards his work and their willingness to work with him.

Daft Punk might send their first music to Argento very soon and a meet up in Rome is planned post lockdown.
According to Argento, Daft Punk found the script very interesting. He also went on to disclose a description of the movie. The film will be called “Occhiali Neri” and will revolve around a Chinese woman and her child. With a bending Crime-Mystery theme guiding the movie, the film is supposed to bring out a sense of adventure to the audience.

The production and works on the film will start soon after the lockdown regulations are relaxed. This will be the second Daft Punk film score as they first did it for the Sci-fi movie “Tron”.

Although there is a lot of pent up excitement around Daft Punk’s new release, all one can do is wait until the movie is finished. But, if any generous bird were to put out a “sample” of what the fans can expect, we would love to be the first ones to tell you. So stay tuned to the page.

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