Dance at Ibiza’s newest super-club and save one square meter of rain-forest in Brasil!


Dance For One Meter (D41M) and Hï Ibiza (formerly known as Space) are partnering to help combat the global problem of Rain-forest deforestation.


By simply dancing at Hï Ibiza, each guest has the opportunity to save 1sqm of Rainforest. How you ask?

When guests attend events at Hï Ibiza, they will have the opportunity to reserve and then save 1sqm of Rainforest when purchasing tickets online at By using Satellite and Google Earth technology, each guest can redeem and zoom into their coordinates on the Cuipo Foundations Rain-forest Preserve in Brazil.


The creative spirit of Ibiza, combined with the latest technology out of San Francisco, are uniting to tackle this global environmental issue. Every second of every minute of every day, one football field of Rain-forest is lost due to deforestation. 70% of all cancer eliminating medicine properties originate in the Rain-forest. Deforestation creates more carbon emissions than any other industry on the planet. The impact on our lives at a global level is serious if action isn’t taken right now. No more talking, it’s time to Dance For One meter.

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