Spotify CEO Announces €100 Million Investment In AI Defense Technology Company Helsing

spotify ai defense technology

Spotify CEO Daniel Ek made a decision that has fans and artists alike fuming and raging.

The news came recently that Ek had invested €100 million in AI defense technology company, Helsing, and has been causing a stir since.

The million-euro deal came via Ek’s €1 billion Prima Materia investment company. The British-German company is initially developed to sell to the French, British and German militaries. In addition to the investment, Ek is also going to be joining the board at Helsing. As per the companies website their aim is to use artificial intelligence as the key capability to keep liberal democracies from harm.

An overwhelming outburst in response to Ek’s tweet about this news angered fans enough to cancel subscriptions and jump to competitors like Tidal and Bandcamp. It also got the hashtag #BoycottSpotify trending.

Discussing the issue further with Resident Advisor Darren Sangita said, “AI means using computers to process information a hundred times faster so they accurately deliver a higher kill ratio. Music is being used as a weapon. I can’t sign up to that, so I’ve already unsubscribed and now plan to take all my music down from Spotify […] We believe in music as a powerful tool for peace, otherwise it’s a complete contradiction of our music philosophy.”

In addition to the comments that flooded the post, RA found that 80% of the respondents on Twitter weren’t happy with the decision and 95% of retweets about the news were also negative.

Check out further details and comments from Labels and Artists on the matter here.

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