Datsik is dropped by his management, label and booking agency in the wake of allegations over sexual misconduct


Canadian music producer, Datsik has been all the talk of EDM news today after being accused of several counts of sexual misconduct with women over a long period of time. Datsik’s management, label and booking agency have all dropped the artist. All of Datsik’s scheduled performances have been cancelled.

Earlier this week, numerous accusations of sexual misconduct by Datsik began circulating social media. The accusations ranged from encouraging women to take drugs in his tour bus to forcing himself on other women. It all started with a single post by one fan which led others to open up about their own personal incidents.

Just read on:

Apparently Datsik’s tour staff even handed out backstage passes with the name ‘Tulsa’ on them – a word which read in the mirror would read ‘a slut’?

Datsik himself did respond with a statement after a long period of silence. Evidently, it’s pretty clear that this isn’t enough and is a sorry excuse of an explanation or apology.

Undoubtedly, several fellow artists from the EDM community have spoken up about the incident. Some, even breaking away from the artist completely.

The future does look rather gloomy for the dubstep DJ. His upcoming show in Iowa has already been cancelled and we’re pretty sure more will follow. People like Datsik need to know they can’t take advantage of fans in such a manner and in no way is he gonna get off the hook easily.


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