David Guetta Used Artificial Intelligence To Generate A Vocal Line With Eminem’s Voice

david guetta ai eminem deepfake voice

David Guetta took to Twitter to share a clip from a recent concert which started off with a familiar voice, that of the legendary Eminem.

He then followed the clip to explain how he did that by simply using two websites based on Artificial Intelligence (AI). While he admitted it was something he made as a joke, he shared how the crowd went nuts and how well it worked when he actually dropped it live!

Following the short clip he shared with the catchy caption “Let me introduce you to… Emin-AI-em” Guetta explained how he used one AI website which writes lyrics in the style of any artist you like, and he used to have the site “write a verse in the style of Eminem about Future Rave.” He then took the lyrics generated from there and punched them into another AI-based website which can recreate famous voices and he punched in the text generated by the first site to create the final product.

While Guetta shared in a followup tweet that he will obviously not be releasing this commercially, most likely to address burning issues that have been surfacing about legality when it comes to AI in the world of music.

H/T – EDM.com

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