deadmau5 Announces Additional ‘CUBE V3 TOUR’ Shows

deadmau5 cube v3 tour dates

Produced by Live Nation, world-renowned electronic artist deadmau5 will bring his ‘cube v3 tour’ to more nights in Los Angeles, Detroit, Boston, Philadelphia, and Brooklyn.

Tickets are on sale now at for these newly added dates.

deadmau5 cube v3 tour dates

The original cube debuted at Coachella April 2010, catapulting deadmau5 to become one of the most in-demand live acts in the world, with its follow-up Cube 2.1 arriving in 2017 at the launch of his “lots of shows in a row tour.” cubev3 made its debut this past weekend (March 30) at Ultra Music Festival in Miami. Created by deadmau5 with Chris Schroeder of Chris Schroeder Productions, with the technical design by Collyns Stenzel, and video content plus additional programming by deadmau5 – comes to life with the semitransparent look and deadmau5 custom content. cubev3 will be the most complex production he has ever presented changing positions from 90 degrees into 45 degrees and rotate 360 degrees with mind-bending content from deadmau5 & his custom touch designer system.


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