deadmau5 & his ‘Trolloween’ posts


Happy Halloween to all our readers! Hope you had a scary one ;)
While you were out partying, the mau5 was up to his usual trolls, making digs at Justin Bieber, Carnage, Krewella & Skrillex.

First off, its the Biebs who recently walked off a stage and refused to perform… Here’s the video:

Which led to the mau5 giving his idea for a halloween costume:

Next up was Carnage who has come into recent light for his 808 tutorial with Razer & pirated software dispute.

Costume idea: @djcarnage 's ghost producer.

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Next up, Krewella

Costume idea: krewella

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Pretty self explanatory…

And finally comes mau5′ dig & Skrillex

Agree with deadmau5 & his ‘costume ideas’?

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