Deadmau5 Launches Live Performance Software OSC/PILOT

deadmau5 osc/pilot

Last July, popular Canadian electronic producer, DJ, and musician Joel Thomas Zimmerman aka Deadmau5 created waves by simply posting a new teaser video on his social media accounts.

The short clip, which ended with the words ‘Codename #Oberhasli’ created an uproar, with fans from all around the globe expecting some sort of video game from the 39-year-old musician. The fans’ speculation was not only inspired by the artist’s well-known love for video games but also by the fact that their favourite EDM DJ has already appeared in a number of video games such as DJ Hero 2, Goat Simulator, Family Guy, Minecraft, and of course, Absolut Deadmau5.

Aside from being an avid fan of gaming, Deadmau5 is also known far and wide for his mind-blowing live shows that never fail to hype up the fans and push boundaries. Last year, it was Deadmau5’s Cubev3 that showcased cutting-edge crispness and eye-popping visuals designed and rendered by Zimmerman himself, successfully delivered a stunning and memorable audio-visual experience. This year, as the world slowly shifts into the digital space and welcomes online raves, Deadmau5 is once again making headlines. He recently released the homemade and infinitely customizable live performance software he used called OSC/PILOT. Now music creators can create the same level of live performances for their own tunes as Deadmau5 does.

According to an article by News Break, OSC/PILOT is a bi-directional control surface application for Windows that turns your PC into a customizable touchscreen MIDI controller. As a creation that goes back as far as 2013, the OSC/PILOT is capable of generating high-quality user interfaces (UIs) in minutes. With its simple drag interface, a user can easily layout a new UI in no time. The software also has multiple workspaces for different UIs and supports Multi-Touch, thereby allowing the user to drive the UI with as many fingers as the user’s display supports. OSC/PILOT also enables users to send and receive open sound control (OSC) data as well as MIDI. This up and coming software also permits musicians to control various visual applications such as TouchDesigner, vvvv, Resolume, VDMX, Notch, and many more. Available at $49.99, (₹3,666.84), OSC/PILOT supports Windows 8.1 and 10.

For those interested in using OSC/PILOT there are a few points to consider. With the amount of input and output generated by running OSC/PILOT, it’s not unlikely for systems to experience severe propagation delay, which refers to the time that is required for a signal to travel from its source to its destination. For those who make music and plan shows, massive screen and processing lag can be annoying and inconvenient at best, and impossible to work with at worst. To make the most out of this ingenious creation, it is highly suggested that creators invest in a PC or laptop that has more than enough power to handle digital audio workstation (DAW) software. This means going for models that have plenty of fast RAM, a top-quality processor, and a fast and spacious storage drive, if not a dual drive with both an SSD and a hard drive.

With Deadmau5 releasing this software we hope to be seeing many music creators putting on epic live performances in the near future.


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