Deadmau5 gives us a detailed look at his new ‘Cube 2.1’


The Canadian producer has been on a roll for the past 24 hours. First, he released his new album “stuff I used to do” as a free download and now he’s given us a look into the latest version of his popular Cube.

Designed and built by TAIT and Zoel in Lititz, Pennsylvania, the Cube 2.1 is finally here. Just about 2 month ago Deadmau5 gave us a sneak peak into the making of Cube 2.1 along with the release of his album ‘W:/2016ALBUM’. Today, Mau5trap released a video explaining the concept behind Cube 2.1 and TAIT’s experience working with the man behind the Mau5 helmet.

TAIT claims it to be the newest, coolest DJ standard machine that has ever been built. Cube 2.1 receives addition of kinetic motion and increase in size when compared to the original Cube. Zoel has been ‘extremely hands on’ with this project. He has been highly involved in every aspect of making Cube 2.1.

The Canadian explains that Cube 2.1 lets fans see more sides of his creativity as opposed to just listening to the music. This is going to take the live show experience to the next level.

Watch the launch and debut of Cube 2.1 below:

This experience is going to be one of a kind! To experience the Cube 2.1 grab your tickets here! Also, VIP packages are on sale now. Grab them here!

Download “stuff I used to do” for FREE right here!

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