deadmau5 reveals new album name and brand new single

Deadmau5 name

deadmau5 has officially revealed his new album’s name as well as teased his latest single, titled ‘4ware’ on BBC Radio 1.

Speaking to Pete Tong on BBC Radio 1, Joel Zimmerman unveiled the name of his new upcoming album – W:/2016ALBUM (pronounced as ‘W drive 2016 album’). The album’s name comes from the album folder’s location on Joel’s network access server. The mau5 as well as teased the full version of his first single from the album. The track, titled ‘4ware’ as Joel says has an 80s sci-fi feel to it.

There’s an 80’s sci-fi fantasy film vibe to some of the melodies. I think that’s due to my purchase of a Prophet 10. Any 80’s fantasy movie was a Prophet 10. When you’re drawn to this instrument, you immediately are drawn to that kind of vibe,”

Here’s 4ware in full:

W:/2016ALBUM will be out December 2 on mau5trap. Along with his album, here’s his special new live-setup for his signature mau5 shows.


Couple more cameras. Some lights. ;)

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