Deadmau5 says he’s partially responsible for the end of EDM


In his new interview with Rolling Stone, six-time Grammy nominee and the man behind the mouse helmet, Joel Zimmerman, admitted that he thinks EDM ended last year.

In 2014, Deadmau5 predicted that EDM is going to “eventually fuck itself so hard.” When this topic of conversation was brought up recently, Zimmerman replied, “Where have you been? 85 percent crossed over. It’s fucked. It’s out of the innovators’ hands; it’s not really grassroots anymore. I’m partially responsible – I’ve done my part to commercialize shit. Over-saturation.”

He also doesn’t believe that it’s coming back. When asked whether EDM would soar back, he replied, “Shit can go, and nothing really ever comes back.”

This Canadian producer recently released his sixth studio album W:/2016ALBUM/ (pronounced as ‘W drive 2016 album’) via his own label, Mau5trap. Deadmau5 is also set to join BBC Radio 1’s Residency series in 2017 along the likes of Helena Hauff, Metrik, Eats Everything & Jessy Lanza.

Producer of hits like “Ghosts ‘n’ Stuff” & “Strobe” believes that EDM is already dead, do you think it will go full circle? Let us know below.

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