Deadmau5 takes a dig at The Chainsmokers


Deadmau5 never seems to run out of words when he talks about other EDM artists.

Like we’ve seen in the past, the man behind the mau5 helmet has taken over his twitter account to take a dig at artists such as Marshmello, Afrojack, Avicii and Krewella to name a few.

Last night, one more artist was added to Joel’s list. This time it was the EDM/pop duo The Chainsmokers. It started when The New York Times tweeted this yesterday:

The mau5 helmeted man behind the cube took not more than 10 minutes to reply to this tweet. And, he tore apart the duo with his tweet:

This tweet helped people express their views about the new The Chainsmokers’ album and everyone felt the same as Joel did. It was clearly evident in the chain of comments, which was filled with GIFs and memes.

Even though The Chainsmokers have produced brilliant music before, their new transformation into a pop duo with this new album is not being accepted by a lot of people. Also, people are not holding back to express their opinion about it!

What do you think of the duo’s debut album, ‘Memories…Do Not Open’? Let us know below.

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