Deadmau5 Teases A Potential Video Game/Livestreaming Platform “Codename Oberhasli”

deadmau5 codename oberhasli

Canadian DJ/Producer Deadmau5 is turning heads once again with a new teaser video that was posted on his socials and this time it just might be a video game.

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A breed of goat.

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This comes as no surprise because goat lord has been an avid video gaming enthusiast and has appeared in several video games. His first appearance was in “DJ Hero 2” as a playable character. He later appeared in the “Goat simulator” as a non-playable character that gives music and skin unlocks.

Alongside the great appearances, his music is also featured in popular video games like DOTA 2, Saints Row, Need for Speed, Golden Eye etc. Recently, the Mau5 teamed up with Dr. Kucho to release a comical retro game named “Ghosts’DJs” where one must fight against villains like Pauly Douchebag, Devil Goata, Steve Karaoki, Paris Sheraton and Pete Bullshit to keep the musical integrity of electronic dance music scene intact. Just for the record, the names are absolutely coincidental to some really popular DJs out there.

Apart from all this, Joel regularly streamed while video gaming for hours and he played alongside the likes of Dr.Disrespect, Shroud and many more.

Joel has been posting cryptic renders on his official subreddit for about a week now and one of the earliest pictures suggests that the potential video game might be a Simulator/Livestream platform delivered by the mau5 himself.

miss cubve3 shows? me too. codename Oberhasli cometh. from r/deadmau5

According to the teaser, “Codename Oberhasli” is made using Unreal Engine in partnership with Upsurge Studios and Geodesic games which also specialize in Virtual reality. When asked by a curious fan if it was a virtual cube show or a video game, Deadmau5 replied by saying “why not both?”.

At the time of writing, the date of release or any other information is not disclosed to the public. The only thing we do know is that the new Deadmau5 game is named after a famous American breed of dairy goat.

However, if we ever get to know any information on this soon to be released masterpiece, we would love to be the first people to let you know. So, stay tuned to the page.

Mmkrishna Cherla


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