Deadmau5 teases new album and we can’t wait!


One of the biggest announcements from Deadmau5, in recent years, has been the Cube 3.0 show!

Ultra Music Festival, Miami, will be treated to this spectacle this month and the anticipation is really high!

While the Cube 3.0 show has created a lot of buzz, Joel Zimmerman has also revealed on a Reddit thread that he will soon be releasing the full album and venture on a massive album tour.

I own a certain live touring company alot of money. so…. yeah. itll go on the road… just be a little patient and let me get this ultra / debut shit out of the way.

Then we regroup for a month or two to rub out a tour deal with whoever … during said month or months, imma do a new album.

Apost to the Instagram account belonging to deadmau5 shared the link to a newly launched website. Text on the website reveals that the dates of a “Cube V3” tour will soon be announced.

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C:\Users\deadmau5>_ cubev3.com

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He will be playing at the Ultra Music Festival happening from the 29th – 31st of March and will debut the Cube 3.0 show before taking it all across the globe. He will be joined by other acts like Carl Cox, Adam Beyer and many more at this festival.

The next six months will be absolutely exciting for the Deadmau5 army across the globe, and surely an iconic phase for dance music itself! Oh boy, we can’t wait! Stay tuned for more updates.

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