Deadmau5 to play at ASOT confirmed by Ultra’s phase 2 lineup announcement


Ultra just released its Phase 2 lineup and you won’t believe whose name we found in the ASOT lineup.

First of all here’s the lineup,

Now if you look closely at the ‘I’m In A State Of Trance’ stage you may find a surprise. Yep, that’s right Deadmau5 is gonna be performing at Armin’s ASOT stage in Miami! Now this is huge news considering the mau5 and Armin had the following argument just less than 2 years back.

What can we expect? Well one thing is for sure, and that is Ultra never disappoints. Guess we may just get a glimpse of some new mau5trance music as well.

Stay tuned for more updates.

Khushrav Bhada
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