Diplo Shared His Deep Rooted Love Story With India After His Most Recent Visit During Lollapalooza India

diplo lollapalooza india

Lollapalooza wrapped up its inaugural India edition and one of the many massive acts that descended on Mumbai for it was Diplo, who is no stranger to the Indian audiences.

While Diplo has been very vocal about his love for Indian culture and the audiences, he shared in a detailed post how deep rooted this is and how far back it goes. Telling the story of how he moved to India with a small bag and a one way ticket back when he was 20 years old. He started in the capital Delhi and then bought a Enfield motorcycle and drove across the country from Ladakh to Rishikesh and East to west from Calcutta to Gujarat as well where he shared he learned a bit of the ‘language collected records’, did small jobs and also ate a thali for lunch every day!

Sharing everything he did to adapt and brave the conditions, he also shared how it influenced his musical career saying, “…I would smoke hash and listen to the sickest sitar and tabla players in sketchy basements where each establishment only had numbers not names . I cut my teeth in India, I learned about music and I lived weekly on a few dollars.”

Summing up the heartfelt post he said “The feeling to be invited back to India every few years to perform is so humbling and a blessing because if it wasn’t for my trial by fire as a young man in India. I wouldn’t be the artist and man I am today.”

He also shared a recap vlog of his most recent visit for Lollapalooza India set to the soundtrack of ‘O Antava’ where he shared clips of him visiting the Mulwani slums, playing cricket and enjoying an authentic thali. Check out the first episode of the Side Quests series he started below.

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