Disney Channel’s First Indian American Movie ‘Spin’ Releases This Summer

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Telling the story of Rhea, an Indian American teen who follows her passion for DJ’ing, ‘Spin’ will be the first-ever Indian American TV movie by Disney Channel which is centered around Indian culture and features an Indian-American in the lead role.

Spin follows Rhean, the Indian American teen who the movie is lead by, as she follows her passion for DJ’ing and how it blends the textures of her Indian heritage and the world around her. Her world revolves around her key group of friends, her after-school coding program, her family’s Indian restaurant, and her tight-knit family. Directed by Manjari Makijany, the film breaks barriers with an international Indian-led ensemble that includes Avantika Vandanapu in the lead role as Rhea, Bollywood star Abhay Deol, U.K. comedian/actor Meera Syal, and Aryan Simhadri among others.

Speaking about the project with ET, Makijany said, “I feel it’s an honor and privilege to direct Disney Channel’s first Indian American movie. I was beyond thrilled to introduce my culture through Rhea and her family to a broad audience.”

She went on to explain, “The Indian culture focuses on family, love and it’s incomplete without celebrations and music. I wanted to steer clear from stereotyping the characters and represent them in a real and more contemporary manner.”

Lead actress Avantika chimed in about the challenges she faced and how she overcame them in preparation saying, “I grew up being a dancer — I still am — and I love working with rhythm and beats. DJing weaves music production into all the other melodic elements that I am familiar with; it made me feel at home but also challenged me just the right amount.”

She went on to elaborate saying, “As an actor, I am so blessed to be constantly pushed to learn. To learn new arts, to learn new skills. This movie excited me enormously throughout the entire process because, just as Rhea is learning how to DJ, so was I.”

See the detailed ET interview here.

While there isn’t an official release date for ‘Spin’ yet, the trailer shared it will be coming this Summer.

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