DJ Snake Remixes Cardi B’s Rant About the Coronavirus

cardi b coronavirus remix

Like a lot of us around the world right now, Cardi B had a moment where the magnitude of the Coronavirus hit home.

She shared a reaction video with the caption “ Ya keep playing I’m deada*s FUC*IN SCARED. I’m stocking up on food.” She goes on to share how it was just a matter of time from when this virus began debilitating life in Wuhan, China but now its here and impacting all of us in different ways since China is responsible for producing a large part of pretty much everything in the world.

After she shared the rant, it didn’t take long for the creative minds to get going on making something fun out of this. With a number of remixes doing the rounds, Cardi seems to be rather amused by some of them herself.

With this on Cardi goes on to say she’s about to tell Atlantic Records to get this out on Spotify.

This remix of her Coronavirus rant by iMarkkeyz entered the iTunes top 100 Hip-Hot/Rap Songs Chart and in 3 hrs has made it to the top in many countries.

Another remix came from none other than DJ Snake himself. With all the artists having unplanned downtime to create new music, SNake decided to do something fun with Cardi’s coronavirus rant. He used samples of Cardi’s voice from the video and added on some basic sounds like a fork hitting an empty glass, pumping some hand sanitizer, and a whole lotta signature Cardi sounds like her laugh to create this.

The tweet in just one day has over 2.07 Million views.

Check it out here.

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