Doja Cat Announces She Is Quitting Music After She Fulfills Her Commitment To The Weeknd’s Tour

doja cat quitting music

It’s now been some time since Doja Cat expressed that it was getting harder for her to enjoy her musical career anymore.

Last Thursday as the latest chapter of her retirement tour unfolded, she reiterated that she plan to fulfill all her prior commitments before quitting.

She shared on Twitter that while she will be stepping away from the industry, she will not be “bailing” on The Weeknd’s upcoming After Hours Til Dawn Tour which will run from July through September.

As reported by Complex she shared in what seem to be since deleted tweets, she shared “For those who are seeing me at the after hours tour, I’m not bailing. But me not bailing doesn’t mean my ass isn’t gonna disappear right after. I still got shit I gotta do. and a lot of y’all think cuz I post a fuckin picture it means I’m not out. Pic doesn’t = music GOOFY. And went on to add, “So yes, that still means I got videos to film I got performances to do and I got content to drop so I’m pooping it out and dippin. I ain’t gone yet.”

While there has been a lot of back and forth she did go on to confirm that she is indeed calling it quits when she re-tweeted an article by Mix 105.1 saying “Ok so maybe @DojaCat isn’t retiring” tweeting “yes the fuck i am.”

H/T – Complex

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