Drake’s album – ‘Scorpion’, is demolishing single day streaming records


Aubrey Drake Graham, is demolishing the first day streaming records with his new album – Scorpion, on Spotify and Apple Music; and is now walking towards being the album that has the best streaming week of all time.

Drake is not only a Canadian rapper, but also a singer, songwriter, actor and entrepreneur. Most of us dream of being multi-faceted, well Drake is a doer, and poses as a musical inspiration to many. ‘I’m Upset was Drake’s fourth solo single of the year, after ‘God’s Plan’, ‘Diplomatic Immunity’ and ‘Nice for What’. Diplomatic Immunity’ and ‘I’m Upset’ also made it to the Billboard Hot 10 list, multiple times.

The multi-faceted rapper released an image in April, with him wearing a jacket that read ‘Scorpion’ with the caption NEW DRAKE ALBUM – JUNE 2018. Everyone anticipated that after ‘I’m Upset’, Scorpion will make for the biggest album for the year. With the way it is currently demolishing the first day streaming records, ‘Scorpion’ is on its way to being one.


Let’s look at how the album has demolished all single day streaming records. Scorpion has already earned 170 million music streams on Apple, on its first day of release. This is a 2x hike of 89.9 million first day streams that Drake garnered with ‘More Life’ a 2017 playlist. Apple adds to this by saying – ‘‘Scorpion now holds both the US and global streaming record for the service, and this debut has the largest single-day streaming total for any album on any streaming service to date.”


What is more interesting is that the 25-track album – ‘Scorpion’ also achieved 132 million Spotify streams across the world in its first 24 hours according to their global charts. Perhaps a more amazing statistic to note is that the album was being streamed over 10 million times every hour after its release.


To top all of this, Aubrey Drake has managed to demolish Post Malone’s stateside record with 80.5 million Scorpion streams versus ‘Beerbongs and Bentley’s’ 47.9 million Strems, that set a record of 78.7 million first day streams in April.

In summary, Drake holds 17 of the top 20 slots on Spotify’s Global top 50 chart. Additionally, he also holds 23 of 25 slots on the United States Top 50 chart. These numbers highlight the fact that the album is only going to demolish more records. We are definitely in agreement with The Verge on the fact that, this could be the first album to achieve 1 Billion streams in its’s first week.


The Cherry on the pie is that after the release of ‘Scorpion’, Drake received the RIAA (Recording Industry Association of America) certification. To add to that Scorpion also became eligible for the RIAA platinum certification which is essentially the reflection of record sales of more than 1 million units. We can’t wait to see what new records ‘Scorpion’ breaks.

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