Dubstep don Rusko is officially cancer free


Rusko is a man who needs no introduction. The Leeds born producer has been one of the most celebrated artists in the UK and has been one of the important artists coming out the dubstep movement.

Rusko is responsible for giving us some of biggest bass hits such as the badass ‘Cockney Thug’, the ceaseless dubstep tune ‘Everyday’ and the critically acclaimed remix of Sub Focus’ ‘Hold On’.

The electronic music community was left stunned this past May when Rusko announced that we was diagnosed with Gastric Lymphoma, a rare but treatable kind of cancer. The bass music champion had to cancel all his shows which were lined up for the summers as he had to undergo treatment for gastric lymphoma.

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Fantastic news landed last night when Rusko announced that he is 100 percent cancer free. During the interview with YourEDM, as part of their Aspire To Inspire series, Rusko stated: “I’ve been in the hospital today to get my final test results for the end of my treatment and there are zero signs of cancer. I don’t know how to feel about it. Every treatment and cycle batters you more and more, it totally beats you down but this afternoon I’ve got my results and everything has gone.”

In the interview, Rusko admits the excruciating pain he had to deal with prior to discovering the fact that he had cancer in his body. He also explains how the original diagnosis of his condition being gastric lymphoma that he announced in May this year was actually wrong and that, after several biopsies and tests, it was discovered the cancer was rife in his blood, bone barrow and all over his body.

“It was scary but the statistics don’t lie. The survival rate is more likely but there are still percentages. 25% of people don’t make it with this treatment but you focus on the positive. My age was in my favour and I could take time off work which a lot of people can’t do in other types of jobs.”

“I’m super grateful,”
Rusko exclaimed. “It’s made me eager to do a tonne more stuff. I feel like I’ve been reset and have a chance to come at it again fresh. I feel renewed and ready to take stuff on.”

Rusko’s recovery for us, means more good music, positivity, and we can’t wait to see what he has instore for us.

Watch the full interview below:

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