Eric Prydz flaunts ‘biggest holograms in the world’ at EPIC 5.0

Eric Prydz

Swedish progressive house maestro, Eric Prydz flaunted what he referred to as the ‘biggest holograms in the world’ in the form of a Facebook video displaying the footage of his latest EPIC 5.0 debut at Creamfields Steel Yard, London.

Just 2 nights back, the Swedish producer debuted the 5th edition of his EPIC series in London. The highly anticipated show that lasted for 2 hours kept the fans wanting for more. The sensational visuals combined with the energetic tunes took live performance to a completely new dimension. The footage uploaded by Prydz on Facebook features mind-boggling holograms such as a DNA spiral, a humongous astronaut in space, a nebula and an orbiting satellite.

Eric Prydz

eric prydz

Prydz was on top of his hologram game and didn’t fail to make his fans love him more after the show! If you were not one of the lucky ones to be there, don’t worry. Watch the footage uploaded by Pryda below.

WATCH: Complete footage of EPIC 5.0 debut

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