Erick Morillo’s Autopsy Reveals Cause Of Death As An Accidental Ketamine Overdose

erick morillo cause of death

It’s been over a month since we got the news of the sudden passing of 49-year old House music mainstay, Eric Morillo.

At that point, all we knew was that law enforcement sources cited that the DJ and music producer’s body was found this morning at his Miami Beach residence. While the official autopsy report has not been released yet, Miami New Times revealed yesterday that as per the preliminary report from the Miami-Dade County Medical Examiners Department, they have attributed his cause of death as being accidental.

The report further revealed that Morillo died of “acute ketamine toxicity” and that in the list of causes cocaine and MDMA were listed as contributing factors as well. It was a known fact that he battled substance abuse and even took some time away from the industry in 2013 to cope with the ramifications. The final autopsy report is expected to be released within the next two weeks.

The 49-year-old Columbian – American DJ/Producer/Record label boss rose to fame with his 1993 track ‘I Like To Move It’ under the Real 2 Reel alias. The song grew to fame when a remix was used in 2005 for the animated film Madagascar.

Morillo had been charged with sexual assault over the summer of this year and also been arrested under a sexual battery charge on August 6, 2020. While he maintained that he was not guilty all along and denied the charges, he was set to appear in court on September 4, just three days after his passing.

While a number of additional allegations have surfaced against him after his passing, nor will he get to plead guilty to them, and nor will the victims get to see justice.

The preliminary medical examiners’ report can be found in Miami New Times here.

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