Fans Can Now Purchase Tickets Directly From Event Organizers On TicketSwap


TicketSwap announces fans can purchase tickets from event organizers through ticket shops which now appear on its marketplace platform.

This doubles the chance for fans to find the coveted tickets they want for concerts, festivals and countless other events. Event organizers selling tickets directly to fans through TicketSwap gives fans the choice of purchasing tickets directly from the event organizer or from other fans selling their tickets. This also increases the transparency to the fan – eliminating a time-consuming search on multiple sites to get to the shows you are looking for, as well as offering tickets at their original prices when tickets by the organizer are actually still available.

Event organizer tickets within TicketSwap’s platform completes a one-stop-shop for all types of tickets. From searching for the event, through having the best ticket offering and on to payment, the user experience within TicketSwap is complete. There were countless hours of work and development carried out by the TicketSwap team and existing partners to make this technically possible and the payoff will really benefit TicketSwap fans.

Through integrations with ticketing companies such as Paylogic, Eventix, and Sollidd, TicketSwap is able to offer more than 50 ticket shops from partnered organizers such as E&A Events, Into The Woods, DGTL and De Marktkantine.

“The sky’s the limit with these integrations on TicketSwap as this helps us expand our offering to our fans and will lead to a continuously smoother experience, and further keeps scalpers out of the loop. We are continually adding new partners weekly,” stated Hans Ober, CEO TicketSwap.

For press inquiries or more information about organizer ticket shops and becoming a business partner to sell your event tickets, you can contact Hans Ober – [email protected].


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