Fans unhappy with Mad Decent’s refund amount

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Attendees of the Mad Decent Boat Party that was cancelled midway were unhappy on receiving their refunds citing the amount to be too less.

Mad Decent said that they would be issuing refunds to attendees for the missed time in Mexico. Pretty understandable; However against the rather steep price of the tickets, ranging between $1,000-2,000, refunds were a mere $57.47, according to TMZ and disappointed attendees.
Mad Decent and cruise representatives told TMZ that it was equal to the cost “of the cancelled excursion plus port taxes. Everything else is nonrefundable.”

Though there are quite a few unhappy attendees, some of them have suggested donating the refund amount to Kaylyn’s memorial fund as a kind gesture in her memory.

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Khushrav Bhada

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Khushrav Bhada
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