Floyd Mayweather announces rematch with Manny Pacquiao at ULTRA Japan


Former world welterweight champion Floyd Mayweather announced a surprise rematch with Manny Pacquiao at ULTRA Japan’s 5th-anniversary event this past weekend.

With his Mayweather Holdings and Money Team Tokyo entourage in tow, Mayweather came face to face with Pacquiao in the festival’s VVIP section. The shock announcement that he would be returning to the ring for a rematch with his rival Pacquiao this December was filmed and uploaded on Instagram by Mayweather, captioned “I’m coming back to fight Manny Pacquiao this year, another 9 figure payday on the way.”

Manny Pacquiao fired back with his own video captioned “50-1 #NoExcuses.”

50-1 #NoExcuses

A post shared by Manny Pacquiao (@mannypacquiao) on

Speaking exclusively with UMF TV on the second day of ULTRA Japan, Mayweather told UMF TV’s host Will Best,

“ULTRA is the place to be” with a “great atmosphere, great people”, “I think I want to become a DJ, I love it!”

floyd mayweather manny pacquiao

Whom do you think will win between these two boxing superstars? Let us know in the comments below.

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