Netflix is launching a documentary on the “disastrous” Fyre Festival

fyre festival netflix

The Fyre festival was one of the most anticipated festivals, however, it turned out to be disastrous in 2017.

While it sold out in record time from the time of its announcement, it collapsed even before it began, and its organizer Billy McFarland also landed a 6-year prison sentence. You can see how it all went down in a festival documentary on Netflix which airs on 18th January.

Who helmed this documentary?

Chris Smith directed this documentary and said that the media team of Fyre succeeded in ‘selling the dream’ of a musical festival on a beautiful beach location. But delivering on that was another story that comes alive in this documentary.

Chris added by saying – ‘I don’t think they set out to try and scam people and just have them fly out and it is a disaster. I think the idea was to deliver something that lived up to the marketing. It was just the reality of that just proved to be incredibly impossible.’

The Fyre festival was supposed to be a two-weekend music festival. Billy McFarland partnered with the rapper Ja Rule and wanted to make this festival the best experience for music enthusiasts. They also aggressively communicated that this festival was on Pablo Escobar’s island which grabbed a lot of intrigue. They had also announced performances by Major Lazer, Blink-182 and a whole host of other guests. But the most anticipated festival turned into a disaster with rain-soaked beds, pathetic dinner which was plain bread slices along with 2 pieces of cheese which only followed a falling domino effect with the remaining festival.

fyre festival netflix

Now for the most interesting news, while Netflix is launching the ‘Fyre’ documentary, Hulu has already launched the ‘Fyre Fraud’ documentary directed by Jenner Furst. His co-director was Julia Willoughby Nason and they have admitted that they paid McFarland for licensed BTS footage in addition to an exclusive 8-hour interview.

Chris’ comments on this were, ‘We were aware of [the Fyre Fraud production] because we were supposed to film Billy McFarland for an interview, He told us that they were offering $250,000 for an interview. He asked us if we would pay him $125,000. And after spending time with so many people who had such a negative impact on their lives from their experience on Fyre, it felt particularly wrong to us for him to be benefiting. It was a difficult decision, but we had to walk away for that reason. So, then he came back and asked if we would do it for $100,000 in cash. And we still said this wasn’t something that was going to work for us.’

Chris’s decision seems completely fair considering how the festival went down. Hence there is no McFarland interview in the Netflix documentary. However, both the films draw the same conclusions on how the dreamy festival turned into a disaster.

We are waiting for the Fyre documentary, which will air on Netflix on 18th January to finally find out how the greatest party reached a stage where empty planes had to fly to the festival location to rescue all attendees. The following tweet sums up that the festival was a complete disaster!

On that note watch the trailer of the anticipated documentary here.

Paridhi Bhatiya


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