The Gesaffelstein hype builds up; “Hyperion” album cover out!

Gesaffelstein Hyperion album cover

It’s time for the highly anticipated new album from the dark lord.

A sizzling art cover that reads “This is the cover of Hyperion, the new album by Gesaffelstein” is all that was needed to set music fans ablaze with excitement. Yes, it’s time for the highly anticipated new album from the dark lord Gesaffelstein, Hyperion. The album will be released on Columbia Records.

It has been five years since the time we saw a full album from the artist. “Aleph” came out in 2013 and shook the entire dance music world. Here’s another one that promises to do the same.

Just like the huge billboards that surfaced earlier in Paris and NYC, to announce his return, the artist has once again taken to this approach. Billboards have surfaced in many places including a mural at the Art Basel festival in Miami.

He just released a comeback-single “Reset”, which created huge waves of excitement in the dance music world! Now, with this news having come out, we can’t wait for the year to end soon and see the dark prince rule the world. Stay tuned for more updates!

Pavan Kumar


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